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"And Still" ; "Choking Hazard: Avoid Eating" ; "Dear Me,." Rob McLennan Spotlight Series, 2024. Online.  

"Here and everywhere, i miss you." Qwerty 47: Home/Town, 2023. Print. 

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"Day 3 depression or something of the like.Dusie Blog, 2023. Online.

"There's a figure who moves about my home and body."Chaudiere Books Blog,  2023. Online.

-----------. Fredericton Feminist Film Festival, 2021. Online.

Squirrels.Feels Zine 18: Sexy, 2022. Print. 

-----. Elm & Ampersand April 2020 Poetry Month Anthology, 2020. Online.
Johnny Depp wins and I, like so many others, think of the man who abused me.New Verse News, 2022. Online.
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Maybe Women, Too?Qwerty 43: Food X Identity, 2021. Print. 
John Locke in Practice.Antilang 9: Labour, 2021. Online. 
november today tomorrow or yesterday.Antilang 9: Labour, 2021. Online.
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Resilience, Really.Riddle Fence 38, 2020. Print.
 “It Smells Like.” Poetry Pause. League of Canadian Poets, 2020. Online. 
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"a series of photographs found in my old bedroom at my parents' house.Feels Zine 11: Kinship, 2020. Print. 
Covid-19, March 2020.A Covid-19 Anthology. /t3mz/ review and 845 Press Pandemic Chapbook initiative, 2020. Online.   


Reliant.Sonder Midwest 1, 2017. Print. 


"Movement Backward in our Persistence Forward: Healing in Conyer Clayton's But the sun, and the ships, and the fish, and the waves." The Puritan, 2022. Online.

Land of the Rock: Talamn An Carraig By Heather Nowlan.” The Miramichi Reader, 2022. Online. 
The Music Game By Stephanie Clermont.” The Miramichi Reader, 2022. Online. 
Phantompains By Theresa Estacion.” The Miramichi Reader, 2021. Online.
A Memoir in Poetry: You Won’t Always Be this Sad By Sheree Fitch.” The Miramichi Reader, 2020. Online.
Toward the North: Stories By Chinese Canadian Writers, Edited By Hua Laura Wu, Xueqing Xu, and Corinne Bieman Davies.” The Miramichi Reader, 2020. Online. 
Everyone At This Party By Tanja Bartel.” The Miramichi Reader, 2020. Online. 
#820 Calgary and a World Awry.” The British Columbia Review, 2020. Online.
In the Beggarly Style of Imitation By Jean Marc Ah-Sen.” The Miramichi Reader, 2020. Online. 
Crow Gulch 101.The Goose Lane Blog, 2019. Online.   


Interview With Guglielmo D’Izzia.The Town Crier, 2020. Online. 
The Jean Marc Ah-Sen Interview.The Miramichi Reader, 2020. Online. 
Dear Addie: An Interview with the author of Dear Twin.The Town Crier, 2020. Online. 
On the Radar: Soft Power by Stewart Cole.EVENT, 2019. Online. 
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